Print and Apply Labeling - with Steve Finn

A conversation with Steve Finn of Panther - covering labeling, 3PLs, tradeshows and more.
Do you need to print and apply barcode labels to packages in your logistics system?

Our guest for this episode is Steve Finn, Director of Sales and Marketing at Panther - a ProMach product brand.

Panther is a leader when it comes to labeling systems for warehouses, distribution centers, fulfillment centers, and more.

In the podcast, you'll learn how Steve came to be at Panther, how the company's products are ideal for logistics labeling, labeling for 3PLs (Third Party Logistics companies), and more.

With the nationwide ID Technology technical service team now supporting Panther equipment, things are even better for our mutual customers.

Learn more about Panther here: Panther Web Site and feel free to contact Steve to talk labeling here: 

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