Labeling News - Episode 4

Packaging and labeling in craft brewing. Dave France is our guest to provide some insights.
The craft brewing business has been growing at a great pace, but there are signs that the industry is becoming more mature.

Dave France was recently working the ProMach booth at Craft Brewers Conference in Denver and took some time to share his thoughts on the event and the industry.

Topics included:

How the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) has changed over the years.
The current situation in the craft brewing business.
Packaging - bottles or cans.
How shrink sleeve labeling is helping when it's hard to source printed cans in small quantities.
Packaging and sustainability.
Date coding for small brewers.
Dave's thoughts on the next few years.

Coding and labeling for craft brewers
6-pack rings from Roberts Polypro and the new organic ones
The Biodegradable 6-pack rings.
Citronix date coding printers
Thermal inkjet printers
Laser coders for chipboard cartons - great on glass, cans and labels too.
Axon shrink sleeve labelers 

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