Labeling News - Episode 2

Labeling News Episode 2. Work with us - barcode question - clean labeling.
In this episode, we start with a quick discussion on the many great career opportunities we currently have at ProMach. Get more info over at our Careers Site.

Then the first topic answers the question: "Do I need to go through GS1 to add a barcode to my serial number label?" The answer in this case is "no". If you want to add barcodes to your labels for your own purpose, rather than for any compliance reason, you are generally free to just get on and do this.

For info on GS1 barcodes see our ID Technology GS1 Barcode Guide.

Our second topic covers the concept of Clean Labeling. No, this doesn't involve sending your labels to the laundry, it is a concept that is gaining ground in the food industry to clean up the lists of ingredients and make shorter, cleaner lists of ingredients that we can actually pronounce.

Examples mentioned include RxBar, Trader Joe's, HEB and Panera. 

Many other brands and stores are leading with similar ideas, often using different naming. 

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