Labeling News - Episode 1

Starting off the Labeling News Podcast series, looking at two important issues - sustainability and e-commerce.
Two things that are currently big in the packaging industry are sustainability (or the lack, thereof) and the huge growth of e-commerce.

Sustainability is often in the news, as waste and pollution caused by product packaging become a serious issue. There are, however, some initiatives that are designed to help

How2Recycle is a standardized labeling system for recycling information. The thinking is that due to the complexity of existing recycling labels, a lot of people find the process too difficult. Simplifying this will, hopefully, enable consumers to recycle more items.

Another current concept is Loop - designed to be a zero-waste circular shopping system (just like our milk used to be delivered, back in the day). Check out the video on their site - it's a cool idea,

Both of these concepts have signed up a lot of big brands: everyone wants to improve their green credentials these days.

As I mentioned in the final part of this section, many brands such as Starbucks and Nestle are rolling out green initiatives. Every little help!

E-commerce is growing quickly - and causing changes to packaging in the process. Manufacturers are having to change how they package their products to help keep e-commerce supply chains working efficiently. The ProMat show (just completed in Chicago) showed just how much technology is involved in these supply chains and also how much everything depends on labeling and barcodes.

Our company, ProMach, has multiple solutions to help with e-commerce and logistics labeling and packaging, including this solution from Texwrap

I hope you enjoyed Episode 1. There is much more to come! 

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