Labeling News 6 - Lasers

A conversation with Peter Ramsden of Macsa ID on the wide range of laser coders made by his company
During a recent visit to Barcelona, I had the chance to chat with Peter Ramsden about the wide range of lasers Macsa builds (and that our company ID Technology sells in North America).

Macsa is a very innovative company and introduced the first moving beam vector laser, that is the standard for coding and marking today.

We discuss CO2 and fiber lasers as well as some of the more exotic types - UV and green wave - that are finding exciting applications in the packaging market.

Towards the end of the conversation, we look at how QR barcodes are bringing a new level of customer engagement to consumer product packaging and how lasers can help with this. A good segway to our next podcast with is going to focus on using packaging for customer engagement.

Links to items we discussed:

Macsa website:

ID Technology laser site: 

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